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Anthony The Authority

A soft spoken person with good manners, Anthony brings a mature approach to anything that gets done in our shop. Someone with great disposition, Anthony is a man of all trades, willing to do any job so he could feel productive. Before coming on board he was one of our long term clients. And now he is devoted to provide sincere guidance to any customer that walks in as the Store Manager

Edison The Hound dog

A really silent human being, Edison has the most powerful and contagious laugh. Even though he plays guitar, his main instrument is drums. While he came highly recommended, Edison was willing to start at the bottom and perform any task he is asked to without hesitation. More importantly, he is the one that can find anything that might be lost in our store. His contributions to the overall performance of the shop and his disposition to help our clientele are greatly appreciated it.

Eduard Mr. Bassman

Even though he is a very quiet person, Eduard can definitively be heard across any room. This student has a powerful-enough voice capable to be a radio host. Currently pursuing a degree in electronics, Eduard’s passions include playing bass, computers, horror movies and a love for dogs. When helping somebody, he is the most patient and cooperative person you can ask for.

Jonathan The Father

After a short stint during the 2021 Christmas season, Jonathan makes a comeback for good. A devoted father that loves to spend time with his two sons, this coffee lover also enjoys heavy metal. Recently Ricardo, who took his picture, said: “with a smile, that’s what defines him”. And he is certainly right; Jonathan always has one regardless of day or time. It represents the kindness he has when talking to anyone. Jonathan has a special passion for tweaking guitars, so, as a bonus, he brings a respectable knowledge about replacement parts.

Ricardo The Geek

As the name infer, Ricardo is a really cool geek, one that pays great attention to technical detail. A passionate of videogames, comics and all-guitar related subjects, Ricardo just got a bachelor’s degree in Popular Music. And by the time various of his previous professors saw him working at our shop, they did not hesitate to express their seal of recommendation. So we are happy to have him on board.

ERIC The Tech

fallen from the sky. A very motivated and focused person with an unparalleled work ethic, he is the 1st employee to arrive in the morning even though he lives an hour away. Eric can fix many wind instruments but he really shines when taking apart guitars to find out what is wrong with their electronics. Putting them back together is a breeze that brings a smile to his face. If it wasn’t for the noise when testing guitars, you would not notice his presence at all.

Juan Mr. Clean

If politeness had a face it would certainly be his. Juans is the most relaxed and respectful person you can find, not in the store, but in the entire island of Puerto Rico. He keeps our guitars fresh while helping the showroom stay in top shape. He is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance at Universidad Interamericana while being a very active member of his church. His hobbies include skateboarding and enjoying nature. Juan’s mere presence adds peacefulness to our work environment and we are very glad he is part of the crew.

Leira The Office

She is the staff member that has connected with the rest of crew the fastest. And it’s because Leira is a welcoming and chatty human being. She comes as a need to provide structure to our office and marketing efforts. Having worked in Atlanta and Panama for various corporations, Leira brings a set of organizational skills we certainly didn’t have, while providing a different perspective on several areas. A happy person full of energy, Leira loves dogs and spending time with friends and family. We are ecstatic to have her aboard.

Randy The Founder

Somebody has to watch the numbers. This guy takes care of accounting, purchasing, marketing, etc. while providing support to the rest of the crew. He uses the calculator more than his cell phone. Randy feels affection for helping customers even though he hardly gets to (as incoming paperwork never stops).

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